Happy New Year

Christmas 2014/New Years 2015

I’ll post a copy of my Christmas/New Years letter here on the blog.

I heard a guy recently who was looking forward to the start of a new year, but not because he was optimistic. It was more the case that he hadn’t enjoyed 2014 and he was glad for it to be over. He figured 2015 couldn’t be any worse.

It is sad if somebody looks back at a year and all they remember are trials and troubles. We all have those, but when we look back with God’s grace in mind, we can see all kinds of good things that God has done and ways that He has blessed.

God has done a lot of good things in our congregation here in Astoria this past year. We have had new people join us. They have been great additions and have fit in well and good friendships have begun.

We have seen trials in the lives of people in the congregation, but in the midst of those trials it has been good to see people, who have gone through similar tough times in their lives, support and come alongside those who are hurting.

I enjoyed spending a few days in California this past summer, visiting relatives, going to a Dodgers game and spending a day at Disney’s California Adventure. The picture is of my niece Kiely and my nephew Griffin at Disney. image001

In August I went first to New York City for a couple of days and then from there I went to Cooperstown, New York, to see Griffin play in a youth baseball tournament. The tournament was at this amazing youth baseball complex there. I also visited the baseball Hall of Fame there in Cooperstown. It was a great experience.image003

From New York I flew first to London for a day and then on to Norway. I visited three different groups of relatives while there, starting on the east side of the country and continuing on to a suburb of Oslo and then to the beautiful fjords and eventually my return flight out of Bergen. I’m very blessed with relatives who are so friendly and show me such great hospitality. It was fun to see them again and some beautiful scenery as well. The above picture is of the area where my grandfather Johnson came from and below is me in Vangsnes, Norway on the Sognefjord.

image005I hope you had a great Christmas and have a happy New Year.

Craig Johnson, 575 34th St.. Astoria, OR 97103, craigj@teleport.com

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